INFORMATION ABOUT THE VARIETIES: All the varieties of argan plants that we sell have been produced by seed from the mother plant of each variety. In that sense, each specimen, not being a clone, is susceptible to possessing in a certain range its own characteristics and different from the mother plant.

HOW TO GROW: When the plant reaches half a year old. A direct sun exposure as many hours as possible is essential. A minimum of five hours. The lack of sun exposure will mean that the plant grows weak and loses resistance to any external threat.

The specimens we produce in the nursery from the second year of age are able to tolerate up to a minimum temperature of -4 degrees in short periods. As plants grow their tolerance for cold increases exponentially. (It is not recommended to expose this species to temperatures below zero degrees for a long time, it is essential that during the day the temperature exceeds 5 degrees. 

Our adult specimens that produce fruit have endured some sporadic snowfall.) Moderate irrigation should be done when they are small plants and from the second year of growth, the irrigation should be punctual during the summer months in order to obtain strong and resistant branches and trunks. An excess of water causes the plant to grow weak and with little force. Our adult specimens do not water at any time of the year. Withstanding the drought conditions typical of the Mediterranean without any problem.

Other verieties: We continue working to define and classify new varieties that we can detect as a result of the growth of our own specimens. In order to foster a wealth of genetic diversity, we only produce argan from seed and not by cutting. In this way none of our copies are clones.